About Frozen Ps

Release The Power of Your Ps

Frozen Ps offers practical support based on real business experience, ensuring that you as a business owner has access to the right data to make informed choices about your business and its future.

Frozen Ps takes your business seriously…we are focused on your success, so if you:

  • Want to start a business?
  • Need to revive a business dream?
  • Need to manage your time?
  • Need to improve business performance?
  • Need to improve work/life balance?

Contact me for an initial chat 07760 767025

Working with me provides you with support, guidance and access to the experience gained working with start-ups and existing small business over the past 15 years. That knowledge saves you time and money, no re-inventing the wheel!

The confidence you gain from knowing that you are using information that is fact rather than perception based, helps you make better decisions. When you get stuck or go off course we are there to guide you back on track. It is all too easy to be distracted by day-to-day routine and lose sight of your original ambitions. Equally, you can be knocked off course by unexpected events which with some planning can be avoided or at least the impact reduced

How am I different? I don’t just tell you how, I show you what steps are most likely to work based on real experience.

If your business is struggling it affects everything and can lose confidence in your decision-making; not sure what to do for the best – you need a calming influence, someone who will help you bring clarity and insight to how you work. I do not judge you, I give you the tools, knowledge and confidence to successfully achieve your dreams.

Following a long career in a variety of business sectors and types, the Frozen Ps ethos evolved from hands-on operational experience linked with feedback from business owners like you who wanted to be ‘shown how’ not just ‘told how’. Now that the business is established, I work for the University of Bedfordshire, Business School, my key subject areas are Entrepreneurship, Small Business Planning and Business Management and really enjoy working with our future Business Managers.

Patricia Wilson




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