New Year, New Business?

Thinking of starting that business? redundancy looming? fed up with working for someone else, have a great idea but just unsure of how to make the jump into self-employment?

These are the main reasons that people start their own businesses.

Sadly, the failure rate for start-ups can put you off from even trying. Starting and running a small business is tough. You are subject to high levels of mental stress. You need a solid physical constitution because you may find yourself working longer hours than you ever did as an employee. You have to deal with uncertainty and anxiety and, if you make mistakes, you have to accept the consequences. All that and no absolute guarantee you will even succeed! You may start a small business and find two or three years down the track that your investment has gone up in smoke.
But if you are suited to running a business, you may find that it is one of the most exciting and rewarding things you do in your life. You can control your own destiny in a way that you never would as an employee. If you succeed, you will have the satisfaction of carving out a place of your own in the business world. And you may find yourself wealthier than you otherwise would have been working for someone else.

Your first step in becoming a business owner should be to assess yourself. Can you accept the risks and the hard work? Are you the kind of person who will be satisfied by the rewards offered from running a business?
There’s been a lot of studies of small business people who come up with different ideas about what makes them tick and what characteristics they have in common that makes them successful in business. They find some pretty obvious things like; entrepreneurs as people tend not to like taking orders – they strongly prefer being their own boss; they are high-energy people; they are passionate about their business; they tend to be sociable – which helps when it comes to marketing and selling of course; and they are self-reliant and can work long periods in solitude and without support. More than that, they are resilient, can cope with rejection and failure and still come back for another try. They have mental stamina and can exercise good judgment under stress.

Do you have what it takes?

If you have confidence in your idea and are willing to put your energy into doing what it takes, then the only missing jigsaw piece is knowing the key aspects of creating and developing a business quickly and effectively and getting that right first time round without making expensive mistakes.

Find yourself a mentor, that you know you can work with – who will encourage, push you and make sure you have enough information to make informed decisions as you develop your plans for your business.



Author: Patricia Wilson Founder - Frozen Ps

Inspirational Business Improver and Lecturer in Entrepreneurship and Business Management

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