Training / Teaching Testimonials

Patricia was my lecturer – she literally created a strong foundation for me and my fellow classmates – She is a great inspiration, encourager and role model as this was reflected by her great support and dedication to her students. She empowered us with her immense knowledge of the subject and meticulously applied her experience therefore giving us not only theoretical knowledge but also practical knowledge.

Agnes Ntwaagae – Graduate – University of Bedfordshire 2011

I attended one of Patricia’s business workshops, which turned out to be an excellent decision! Patricia’s expertise in delivering sound business advice was evident in her style of teaching, which was relaxed, interactive and open. Patricia was able to quickly gain a rapport with everybody in the classroom and importantly, I left the day with a solid plan of action and enhanced motivation. I would not hesitate in recommending Patricia as a tutor or business coach and look forward to attending another one of her sessions in the future.

Bieneosa Ebite – Bright Star PR Ltd

The first of Patricia’s courses I attended, “Selling your Services With Confidence”, inspired me to sign up for the rest of her courses and to extract every piece of business knowledge I could from her extraordinary brain.  Patricia took the time to discover the background of all her students and tailored the content of the day to suit their collective needs. Patricia is intuitive, intelligent and inspirational. She gets straight to the heart of a business, quickly identifying salient points and helping to develop a clear, achievable action plan.  I would recommend Patricia as a tutor and as a business coach to anyone.

Miranda Waugh – Ask Auk

I was fortunate enough to have had Patricia as a tutor twice now at courses run at called ‘creativefutures’ courses.  She was excellent at getting to the heart of the matter, giving clear and useful advice. I would say she challenged and pushed everyone in the class.It was obvious to us all that she knew her material and would be a great help to any small businesses, charities, schools and individuals who were lucky enough to hire her.  I have no hesitation in repeatedly recommending Patricia as shown by numerous friends and colleagues who keep presenting themselves for the excellent courses she is running. I think she would be an excellent Oracle for any business that wants to avoid the pitfalls and head straight for success.

Daniel Doherty – Digital marketing, social media strategy, online reputation management


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