What Clients Say

Every coach needs a coach and Patricia certainly has helped me with the start-up of my business, formulating a strategy and maintaining momentum. Her non-judgmental way helped me focus on what might work for me and analyse my successes and failures in a positive way. I would recommend Frozen Ps to anyone starting up a new business or wanting to keep an existing business on track to ensure their businesses success in the future.

Madeleine Moore – Work Scales Ltd

Patricia gave me sound advice and support when I first began to develop my ideas for the company.The research she encouraged me to do was an excellent investment.Then when Bina joined me and we wanted to increase the pace of our development Patricia firmly guided and coached us to focus on the key elements required for sustainable growth. She has a knack of drawing the best out of you.Most of all she makes you believe that you too can be the best!

Bronwen Philpott – Plain Talking HR

Patricia is a highly skilled and creative business planner who gets results from her clients. Engaging with Frozen P’s took me on an inspirational journey, and what really counted for me is that Patricia walks her talk in both her business delivery and her personal attitude. I highly recommend her.

Philippa Mole – Fresh Air Performance Coaching


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